jumping rope workout

Jump rope workout

We all have at least once in our life watched boxing movie like Rocky (who doesn’t know Rocky) or his sequels Creed and here is also Raging Bull, Million Dollar Baby etc. and in all of them there is a scene with jump rope. Now for me this was always a cheap scene, something to fill the gaps between story, I didn’t think that jump rope can play any visible part in boxers training. If someone was talking about jump rope I immediately thought on little kids in primary school who are jumping in class of physical education (here and after PE) or between recess.

Is this really the case, is jump rope really just a kid’s play or can be used for real training as well?

I came across with jump rope (beside in PE) when I started training box. Ironic right. We used jump rope as part of our worm up, 3 times for 3 minutes of jumping and one minute of rest in between. It wasn’t easy as it looks in movies and legs were on fire (on beginning).

Once I got used to jump rope it was really fun, and I started to explore and incorporate jump rope also in my fitness routines.

What do you need to know before you start

  1. Buy yourself a proper jump rope. Jump rope is really not expensive equipment and buying proper one will enable you to get the most of your training. You should go for speed rope which is build from plastic, they are durable and can develop great speed as they cut down air easier than leather or cotton ones.
  2. Adjusting the correct length of jump rope is crucial. Step in the middle of your rope with one foot and pull both handles up along your body. For beginners, handless should reach to the top of your shoulder. Once you become better you can shorter and shorter your rope all to your underarm. With shorter rope there is a lower space for errors and your precision and speed will increase.
  3. Just like with running try to avoid jumping on hard surfaces like asphalt as can get hard on your joints. Try to find surface that can give you a little of rebound and can absorb feed impact like firm rubberized floors, grass, wood floors, etc.
  4. And the last but not least, you have to work on your posture. Head and back should be straight, elbows tucked, stomach and butt engaged, thumbs on top of handle and only wrists are moving in small circles. Feet should be together (hips width apart) and knees slightly bent. Your jump should be minimal from the ground, just high enough to clear the rope, this will also reduce excess impact on your body.

Here are six basic jumps that you need to master: regular bounce, run in place, boxer skip, single leg (L+R), boxers heel toe and double under.


Below are four different programs which you can modify as per your ability (more/less time jumping, more/less time of rest, including different jump rope styles,…). As in every activity, make sure that you follow standard rules of warming up and cooling down with added stretching before and after every training.

When you start with the program, start slowly and build up tempo gradually.

Jump rope beginner workout

This is one circuit. Do this 3 times and rest 1 min between each circuit.

Jump rope advance workout

This is one circuit, do 3-5 circuits (as per your ability) and rest 1 min between circuits.

Jump rope HIIT workout

This is one circuit, do 3-5 circuits (as per your ability) and rest 1 min between circuits.

As part of worming up/cooling down. Mix different jump rope styles

Jump rope benefits

Training with jump rope serves as a whole-body workout and has many benefits. You can literally train anywhere (home, fitness, on vacation etc.) it will help you with your athletic skills and your fitness goals and will break the monotony in your routine.

With jump rope you will build speed, coordination, rhythm and develop overall balance as well as develop body control and synchronizing lower and upper body.

You can use jump rope as part of HIIT program, as an individual jump rope training or as part of worming up/cooling down.

Overall it is very dynamic and intense workout which if done “correctly” (with the right intensity and mind body connection) will burn a tone of calories.

And remember, it will not get easier, you will get stronger and fit!

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