why you have to drink ginger tea
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You have to drink ginger tea

Ginger is widely used and in Chinese medicine is used for more than 2000 years for his healing powers. The best-known use for ginger is for the common cold because of his ability to bust your immune system but this is far from his only use.  

Scientifically proven benefits if you use ginger regularly:

  • strengthen the immune system and cleans the airways,
  • prevent cardiovascular problems,
  • for digestive and fatigue problems,
  • for fungal infections
  • for problems with stomach acid,
  • it slows down the progression of certain cancers,
  • it lowers LDL (low-density lipoprotein or bad cholesterol) levels,
  • with bacterial infections, especially in immunocompromised persons,
  • reduce knee pain in osteoarthritis,
  • improves diabetes, as it increases insulin sensitivity.

We can use ginger in cooking or with a tee. I also add it to my post-workout shake. If you are not used to ginger it is best to integrate it gradually. We can use fresh root or ground but not more than 1 gram of its powder.

Here is the recipe for ginger tea that you can drink it daily.

For one liter of the tee, we will need around 25 grams of ginger root.

We peel the root and slice it to small pieces, you can also grate it which will help to excrete even more useful stuff. We throw this in boiling water and leave it for another 10 min to slowly boil.

We can add to it squeezed lemon and spoon of honey than just enjoy the aromatic flavor.    

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