About me

I am David and I am really happy that you are here with me.

My story starts in the center of a small country named Slovenia. One hour away from the seaside and one hour away from beautiful mountains. I think that I am one of the luckiest “last” generations that grow up on the streets, nature and not in front of a television, computer or mobiles and have always been in love with sports. I trained football for ten years and in parallel trained also basketball and got excited for fitness. As I am a volunteer firefighter, staying fit is really important, consequently I got hooked on the new firefighter discipline that came in Europe from United States in 2010, called Firefighter Combat Challenge (hereinafter referred to as FCC) declared as toughest two minutes in sports. And the last thing that I tried myself till now was boxing.

In this variety of sport addiction I got a lot of experiences, information’s, tips and tricks that I can now share with people that need step by step guidance how to start, how to maintain physic, how to overcome the injury, which are part of every sport and sportsmen, or that need just something extra, something new.

Due to every day faster lifestyle and lack of time people always search for something fast, something instant which I can guaranty you is not possible when we are talking about body transformation. You didn’t get the body that you have now just overnight right? So you can’t expect that it will change overnight. But taken this into consideration I will do my part and try to write posts as relevant and short as possible. My posts will be based on my experiences without scientific articles and data.

Now let us start this awesome journey and I promise you will like it.

And remember it will not get easier, you will get stronger and fit!