Best food for every vitamin

There is a flood of information on internet which food is good to eat and which you should avoid but at the same time also experts are not uniform what should we eat. Should this be balanced diet with animal and plant origin or diet with limited of animal product? Plus here we have also whole foods and processed foods so this is really million dollar question?

But today I would just like to familiarize you with vitamins and foods that contain them.

Vitamin A – is important for normal human growth, for health of your skin, eyes and immune system.   

From animal origin: liver, eggs, milk, cheese, fish

From plant origin: pumpkins, carrots, potatoes, kale and spinach

Vitamin B6 – is very important because it works anti-inflammatory and has antioxidant effect. Some researches are stating that B6 is influencing also on your mood and mental stability. As all vitamins it is important for immune system. Deficit of this vitamin will be shown in constant tiredness and pain in your arms and legs.  

From animal origin: fish, liver, chicken meat,

From plant origin: sunflower seeds, avocado, pistachio, chickpeas, sesame seeds

Vitamin B12 – highly important vitamins as it is involved in making red blood cells, DNA and metabolism

As our body can’t produce this vitamin on our own we have to get it from food. For people who eat meat this is not the problem, but vegetarians and vegans need to get it in the form of supplements.

From animal origin: meat and other food from animal origin 

From plant origin:  /

Vitamin C – is involved with production of collagen which is really important for maintaining elasticity of wains for bones, gums, skin and teeth. It is also important for efficient operation of immune system.

From animal origin: / 

From plant origin:  lemons, limes, grapefruit,… (citruses in general)

Vitamin D – has important role in development of bones, teeth and immune system. We get enough vitamin D if our skin is exposed for 15 min per day to the sun. This is real problem in winter time so we have to ingest it with foot or supplements.    

From animal origin: fish, eggs

From plant origin:  /

Vitamin E– has a role of antioxidant and protects cells from oxidative stress, which can influence on cardiovascular diseases and aging. Majority of vitamin E is in nuts

From animal origin:  /

From plant origin:  almonds, sunflower seeds, avocado, spinach and sweet potatoes

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