How much water do I need to drink

How much water do I need to drink?

For most people, craving for water is an indicator of their thirst, that they need to drink, but the fact is that when our body gives us a signal that we need to drink we are already slightly dehydrated.

If we know that water presents 78% of our body than drinking it is really really important.  

Ignoring this fact affects our cells which shrinks and doesn’t perform their job properly. The most sensitive cells are in our brains, that’s why dehydration comes with a headache, lowering blood pressure, confusion, fainting, shock, sewer kidney, liver and brain damage and in the end death.  

So, to avoid this kind of problem you must drink every hour. If you have problems with drinking water, there is a ton of apps that you can install on your phone and app will remind you on drinking. My advice is to pour water in a bottle and carry it with you, this how you will always know how much you already drank, and the bottle will always remind you on drinking.   

Drinking water has quite a lot of benefits:

  • it helps our organs with their functions,
  • it moisturizes mucous membrane and joints,
  • feeds our organism with necessary minerals,
  • it gives us energy and takes care of our appearance (tight skin),
  • it drains waste from our body, especially from kidney,….

But how much water do you need to drink? In general, men should drink for every 10 kg of their weight 3,5dcl and woman 3dcl (example 100 kg men should drink 3,5 liters and 60 kg woman 1,8 liter). If you type in google WATER DRINKING CALCULATOR you will find pages with the exact calculation of how much you need to drink, you just have to insert gender, weight, height, and activity. This is an exact calculation of how much you need to drink, and you will forget it in 10 min 😊 I have my own approximate calculation which works for me really well and you can’t forget it. Just divide your weight with 3 and you get the amount in dcl (example 100 kg/3 is 33,3 dcl which is 3,4 liters). Please note that on your training day you must add a minimum one liter on top of that calculation. This is my general calculation for moderate activity at room temperature. With high intensity and temperature, we have to drink even more water plus you have to replace also electrolytes lost with sweat.  

Note: approximately 30% of the needed water we get from food.

One tip. If it is possible, drink just water and not sweet beverages because they add an enormous amount of salt in it, which makes you even thirstier, so that you would drink more. And to cover up the salt even more sugar is added. Don’t fall in the trap plus you will easier drop some weight if you drink just water.

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