• working out without results

    Why you are not seeing results?

    Have you read and try everything to lose extra pounds or to gain bigger wider arms and you are still not seeing results? Internet is filled with information’s about everything so you have…

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    Protein pancakes

    Protein pancakes When comes the time when you are sick of eating eggs and oatmeal all the time you can treat yourself with protein pancakes and still have a healthy meal. They are…

  • squats

    Why you need to squat

    When we reach our thirties, muscles that are responsible for straightening our spines and keeping our shoulders from falling forward, have become week due to a culture that avoids squatting and focusing only…

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    Best food for every vitamin

    There is a flood of information on internet which food is good to eat and which you should avoid but at the same time also experts are not uniform what should we eat.…

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    What needs to be in your gym bag

    First of all you need proper gym bag. This can’t be plastic bag or backpack as it is not big enough and everything is mixed up together, it really isn’t hygienic plus you…